About Our Company

QualifiedMortgage.org is a marketing and business-development blog for mortgage professionals. But that’s not all we are. We also provide content marketing services for a small client base.

In short, we can help you generate more leads and grow your business, by publishing quality content your readers will love. It’s what we do!

No Other Company Does What We Do

We have been building high-traffic, highly successful mortgage and housing websites since 2003. Our portfolio includes the Home Buying Institute, FHAhandbook.com, and other prominent sites. We specialize in attracting home buyers and mortgage shoppers online, by publishing high-quality original content — and lots of it.

And now, we offer those skills to you, in the form of content marketing and consulting services. It’s a unique service you won’t find elsewhere.

Giving You an Advantage in the Market

We’ve serviced and consulted with clients from coast to coast, and one thing has become clear. The mortgage industry today is fiercely competitive. Not since the last housing bubble have we seen such a level of competition.

You need an edge to get ahead these days. And that’s what we offer you — an advantage over your competitors, a secret weapon in the mortgage marketing “arms race.”

Small Client Base: Doing a Lot for a Few

Some marketing firms serve as many clients as possible. We’ve chosen a different path. We work with a small group of clients (usually less than six at a time), and we put all our energy into helping them succeed.

If you work with us, you’ll never be on the side burner. You’ll never fall through the cracks. You, and your business, will always come first.