Do you want to grow your mortgage business in 2015? Looking for a way to expand your mortgage marketing program? You’ve come to the right place. We offer comprehensive blogging and publishing solutions to help you achieve these goals. We can help you attract more visitors online, and put more loans into the pipeline. Contact us today with any questions you have.

Blogging Strategies to Grow Your Mortgage Business

We have been involved with real estate publishing for more than a decade. In that time, we have learned how to attract home buyers and mortgage shoppers online, by publishing high-quality articles and tutorials. We now offer this as a service to our clients.

We can help you grow your mortgage business in 2015, with the same tried-and-true techniques we’ve been using for years.

It starts with blogging, but that’s only the beginning. We can help you identify article topics with the greatest traffic potential. We can build a content plan based on these topics. We can write the articles for you, and publish onto your website using the WordPress content-management system. Over time, this leads to more traffic, more inquiries from prospective borrowers, and more growth for your company.

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Mortgage Marketing and Publishing Tips

We publish marketing and publishing tutorials every week. Topics include blogging, PR, social media, and other content-based strategies. Our articles will help you grow your mortgage company with “field-tested” techniques and strategies. Here are the latest articles:

How to Host a Home Buying Seminar
Seminars are a great way to teach home buyers about their home loan options. They also allow you to put yourself in front of a roomful of potential clients. It’s a win-win scenario. We have used this technique many times in the past. Here are some lessons learned along the way.

15 Mortgage Blog Topics for 2015
Blogging is a low-cost and proven way to grow a mortgage business. It works so well, we wrote a book about it. But many brokers and loan officers have a hard time coming up with topics to blog about. Here’s a list of 15 blogging topics to get your wheels turning.